Kids Paradise is founded as a humanitarian organisation under Turkish law.

Currently the team in Turkey consists of 12 local and international staff, all of them with relevant skills and experience in humanitarian work.

Inside Syria, a team of 20 staff and 30 volunteers is ready to implement projects in Idleb and Aleppo governorates, also Hama and Latakia countryside.

Here are some of the members of our team:

Hasan AlMossa
Director of Operations
A Syrian national, and co-founder of Kids Paradise, he studied at Britain's University of Informatics in Turkey. He works at Kids Paradise to create innovative learning environments and in creativity and development. He hopes to help bring innovative technology solutions and opportunities to improve and develop work in the humanitarian field. As Kids Paradise's social media guru, he loves to meet new friends and to travel. He began working in humanitarian relief work when he was 17 and is the founder of a volunteer team which began providing aid to refugees in 2012. He began working in humanitarian relief because he wanted to contribute as much as he could to make little changes in the world and support spaces of peace.
Viviane Schönbächler
Public Relations
Viviane Schönbächler studied International Relations at The University of Geneva. She also studied Peace, Conflict & Development Studies at University Jaume I. She first began working in the humanitarian field when she realized the social injustices that existed in the world. She decided to contribute as much as she can to make small changes and support spaces of peace.
Emmanuel Gerlin
Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Officer
Involved in international solidarity since he was a teenager, Emmanuel has a Master's in Development and International Cooperation at the Toulouse School of Political Science in France. He has worked in project management, research, training, and teaching everywhere from Africa to China to Haiti, NYC and Palestine. He likes reading, singing, and playing instruments. He is a crazy traveller and has backpacked to more than 116 countries. These travels are what first gave him a passion for history and cultures of the World, but this passion has since transformed into a determination to involve himself working for a more peaceful World, and it is for this reason that he joined Kids Paradise.
Chelsea Hochstetler
Program Coordinator
Chelsea has a Master’s in International Migration and Public Policy from the London School of Economics. As a former Fulbright winner she values international work and development and has worked, volunteered or studied in the United States, Lebanon, Indonesia, Spain and the UK. She is a news junkie who loves to travel, write, and keep up with friends wherever she goes. She first became concerned about refugee issues while working at University and has now worked with eight different refugee/migration organizations all over the world – it is this dedication to making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable people which has brought her to Kids Paradise.
Ranim Machhdi
I am a Syrian student living in Sweden. I am currently studying childcare and leisure at Stockholm University. I am marketing expert and trainer and I aspire to establish my own marketing company. I joined Kids Paradise because I am concerned about the Syrian orphans. I want to make a difference in their situation. In my spare time, I enjoy fashion design, photography, writing, and putting my marketing skills and creativity into use helping the team of Kids Paradise with new and creative ideas.
Josefa Borg
Public Relations and Fundraiser Officer
My name is Josefa Borg and I have the honor of being KP's Public relations and fundraiser officer for London and the UK. I studied Sustainable Architecture at Masters Level and have been educated in the values of green architecture and the importance of self-sufficiency for community well-being and development. At University, I studied International Development and NGO management in the University of East London. After knowing the amazing vision and plans of KP for the future, it became apparent that the people involved within this organization are so determined and so committed that the projects, though seeming a bit out of reach due to circumstance, will someday become a reality.
Ali Ok
Website Developer and Admin
Ali has a B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Istanbul Techinal University. He is working as a software engineer for a top tech company. In his free time, among many other things, he helps the Kids Paradise team with their website and other software related technical things.