Ready to eat rations for people who have evacuated eastern Aleppo

Kids Paradise with partial support from Ai.Bi is assisting people fleeing Eastern Aleppo in these intense hours.

We are distributing free food to try to alleviate the suffering of over 100 days of siege. The atrocities that took place in Aleppo, we will never forget – These people are in dire need of assistance.

We started our procurement and packaging processes on 16th Dec, 2016 and began our distribution of Ready to Eat Rations “RTERs” on 22nd Dec, 2016 in two locations of the Idleb countryside (Saraqeb & Afes) to the newly evacuated people of Eastern Aleppo.

We distributed the first round of 308 RTERs and will continue until we have distrubted 2,000. We will make our next round of distributions early next week. Thanks to all of you who have supported us to provide aid to these people.

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