From the very start of the conflict in Syria a great many urgent needs have arisen, especially in areas that are directly exposed to conflict. As a consequence of violent and brutal clashes, massive internal and external displacement between cities, villages, and borders began.


Kids Paradise is an impartial, independent and non-profit NGO. Originally founded by a group of Syrian volunteers in March of 2012, it has since grown to become an officially registered NGO in Turkey. Our headquarters are based out of Hatay/Turkey with many warehouses and satellite branches within Syria and experienced teams working both in Turkey and Syria to implement projects in hard to reach areas. We aim to support vulnerable people and implement urgent and sustainable projects in Syria. We took this mission to support children living in volatile and unstable conditions throughout all stages of their lives providing them with adequate support in order to ensure their mental health and physical integrity. Kids Paradise is working to create a world where children can have a sound mind and a sound body.

Our Welfare Projects


Kids Paradise aims to provide an urgent response to the ever-growing number of IDPs. We work to ensure an effective and timely emergency response, particularly in hard to reach areas. Urgent response is one of Kids Paradise’s biggest areas of expertise, especially given the recent evacuation of Aleppo.


Livelihood and Resilience is among Kids Paradise’s top priorities. We aim to strengthen the resilience of IDPs and host communities by providing sustainable income generating opportunities in safe areas so that people will not have to rely only on emergency support and will thereby gain the confidence of self sufficiency.


Kids Paradise aims to provide essential means of survival to the ever-growing number of IDPs. We work to ensure an effective and timely emergency response and sustainable food options, particularly in hard to reach areas taking into account specific needs of women and children.


Kids Paradise aims to empower female-headed households and to promote gender sensitive humanitarian aid focusing on child protection and establishing networks for capacity building and awareness raising. Protection is one of Kids Paradise’s largest programs.


Kids Paradise in collaboration with the Italian NGO Ai.Bi. is aiming to provide a reinforced hospital to increase access to safe health care for the local community.


Kids Paradise aims to provide informal education curricula and educational outreach programs to promote peace and support children as they learn and discover the world in the midst of conflict.