From the very start of the conflict in Syria a great many urgent needs have arisen, especially in areas that are directly exposed to conflict. As a consequence of violent and brutal clashes, massive internal and external displacement between cities, villages, and borders began.

While many remained inside Syria as IDPs, others were forced to flee towards the Syrian border and to other countries to become refugees in search of safe places to live. People were -and still are- in need of the most basic services such as shelter, medical assistance, education, clothes and food.

In March of 2012, a group of 20 Syrians committed to humanitarian work, decided to organize a team of volunteers to provide assistance to the people in need and to ensure that aid could extend to hard-to-reach areas. As the situation in Syria worsened and our work became more important, we started to look for professional support from humanitarian organizations in order to improve our work and make our impact more effective and sustainable.

As the conflict continued for years, some of our team members started to commit themselves to international organizations while others (we) established a local organization under the name of Sadaqa Charity on the 10th of July 2013. We were working on the ground but without official registration and implementing projects especially for women and children.

Kids Paradise was established as a result of our experience in the humanitarian field working under intensely high pressure and in often volatile conditions. We set up this new body in response to lessons we have learned from other organizations involved in emergency response and in order to fill many of the critical gaps in aid and aid distribution that have not yet received sufficient attention.

KIDS PARADISE ORGANIZATION or in Turkish CENNETİN ÇOCUKLARI İNSANİ YARDIM DERNEĞİ was officially registered in July 2016 with the registration number 31-021-200.

Vision Statement

To provide access to a world where children enjoy a sound mind and body.

Mission Statement

Support children living in volatile and unstable conditions during all stages of their lives providing them with adequate support in order to ensure their mental health and physical integrity.