Hundreds of IDP families are living in the open air

Hundreds of families have no place to live but the open air. They are all displaced from the towns of Hama’s eastern countryside. With no organizations reaching out to help them, some of the families have had to improvise a place to live out of unconventional materials.

For some of the families, this is not the first time they have been displaced. “This is our 5th year in displacement, we lived in Tal al-Sheeh camp for 4 years before it was targeted by air-strikes, then we moved here a few months ago.” Said Fatima, a mother of 4 living in one of the makeshift camps in rural Idlib. “We are in persistent need of heating materials, blankets, food, winter clothes and education for our children” Fatima added.

These families are stuck between displacement, Harsh weather, disease, and hunger. Their fate is unknown. There is an absence of aid interventions to help them withstand these unforgiving circumstances.

We can make a change for these people. We can help them face these freezing days of winter with resilience. For the price of a Starbucks you can keep a child warm for the winter.

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