You've heard the stories of the Syrian refugee crisis in the news.

You've seen the statistics and the terrifying images.

But you don’t know what you can do to help.

You are not alone.

A catastrophe as complex as the Syrian crisis can be difficult to understand. It can be hard to understand what you as an individual can do. Recent research shows that people are struggling to engage with this crisis in a meaningful way. While the reasons for this lack of engagement vary, one major reason is that most people simply don’t know how to help.

Because of this, Kids Paradise tries to provide specific, direct opportunities for each individual to help in big or small ways.

Why we need your support

As a local independent NGO, our funds come from YOU and go directly to the refugees and IDPs. We are in close contact with local communities in hard to reach places. In some cases, we are the only NGO providing aid in these remote or dangerous locations. Refugees and IDPs often flee with little but the clothes on their backs and have few resources. This is where Kids Paradise steps in. Past fundraising efforts have gone towards funding emergency support: Ready to Eat Rations, Blankets, Food baskets, Baby milk, Wood for heating as well as a psychology and support center with events for children.

You have the option of funding different projects, under 5 different categories health, protection, informal education, food security & non-food items, livelihood and resilience and early recovery.

If you donate to our “food security-non-food items” category, here are some examples of what each donation according to its size will provide.

$15.00 – buys one blanket

$20.00 – pays for one pack of ready to eat rations

$30.00 – pays for a food basket

As you can see, every donation no matter the size, can make a difference.

How do we work with Funding partners?

The very heart of Kids Paradise’s philosophy is to develop projects together with all stakeholders, especially our donors. Our projects cover the most critical issues in this crisis: this includes: health, protection, informal education, food security & non-food items, livelihood and resilience and early recovery. When you make a donation, you have the option to choose how you want your donation to be used and can let us know which project(s) you want to support. With larger donations, we can even work together with you to develop specific projects for your donation. Kids Paradise considers transparency a duty which we owe to all our funders, no matter the amount of your donation. During the realization of the project, we will send out updates, pictures and news of how we are using your donation and improving people’s lives in the field.

How to create a fundraising or awareness Campaign

First, contact the Kids Paradise fundraising team at fundraising@kparadise.organd let us know that you would like to start a fundraising campaign.

Second, think about how you want to raise funds or raise awareness. Some ideas include: Raffles, 5k races, dinners, auctions, fashion shows, bake-offs, galas, sports tournaments (golf, basketball, table tennis, tennis - for example), film showings (there are many films about this crisis which may be appropriate such as the recent White Helmets documentary), yard sales. It can also be useful to take advantage of major holidays for fundraising campaigns - haunted houses (at Halloween) and Christmas craft fairs (during the Christmas season) are a few examples.

Additionally, some restaurants or grocery stores will provide a percentage of sales to certain organizations in fundraising efforts.

A recent example of a successful campaign comes from a school in the United States who created a campaign and successfully funded a small project. Kids Paradise then implemented this project handing out stuffed animals and snacks to children in a besieged area in Syria in January of 2017.

Lastly, we are here to support you in any way that we can. We are here to answer your questions and are happy to provide you with a press-kit that includes pictures, articles logos, and hashtags (for social media campaigns) that you can use in your fundraising efforts.

How can I send a donation to Kids Paradise?

After a successful fundraising campaign, there are several options for sending funds to Kids Paradise. Most of the time, the most convenient way is a bank transfer to our main office in Turkey. However, in some cases, other options can be more advantageous, depending on your location.

Please contact the Fundraising Department so we can determine the most convenient way to donate for you.

After sending your donation, you will receive an official receipt in the 3 days following the arrival of the donation.

There are other ways to help!

Donations are certainly essential for Kids Paradise, however, there are also many other ways to help. Communications and outreach are other critical ways to provide support.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. By starting information campaigns, by organizing conferences, giving presentations, sharing our work on social media - you can help us to show the world what is happening in Syria and what Kids Paradise and other organizations like us do. Sharing information is vital – and it is also an indirect way for us to find partners or sponsors. We can help you in organizing these events, answer any questions that you might have, and send you press kit.

How can you communicate about our projects?

It is just as important for you as for us to have great communication, especially if you want to help in fundraising. Great communications will create public interest in your events and ultimately, more refugees and internally displaced persons will be assisted.

Social media networks are the easiest and most powerful tools to draw attention, share news, and contact new people that you think might sponsor you.

Some tips about how to have an optimal use of the social media networks: post regular updates on the situation or projects; ask your friends to like and share your posts, as it will help more people to see them; if you are preparing events, post some pictures or videos of yourself preparing; create events and invite your friends to join; also feel free to share Kids Paradise social media publications, and to link your publications with our websites and pages.

Besides social networks, you can also create a blog or a website to share updated information with your supporters about your fundraising efforts, and your events.

You can also identify local media outlets in your town or region such as newspapers or radio and TV stations and contact them. They are always looking for interesting information to give to their audiences. They can meet with you or invite you to talk about upcoming events, and provide coverage of the event. Finally, there are various tools you can prepare such as leaflets or posters.

Please do not hesitate to let Kids Paradise know if we can help you in improving your communication and public relations strategy. We can also provide you with our press kit should you need it.

Thank you!

We are delighted that you are considering supporting Kids Paradise through a fundraising project! Your work sends our experienced teams to remote and dangerous regions at the very center of the Syrian refugee crisis. Your fundraising efforts go directly towards aiding Syrian refugees and Internally Displaced Persons within Syria. It is only through your donations and fundraising efforts that we can do this life-changing work. Any contribution – no matter how big or small – will make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people whom Kids Paradise is assisting.

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