Kids Paradise in collaboration with the Italian NGO Ai.Bi. is aiming to provide a reinforced hospital to increase access to safe health care for the local community.

This project will build resilience in the community and offer regular medical trainings.

If confirmed, the hospital will become an important and integrated part of Syria’s health system far beyond the emergency situation in order to provide sustainable and long-term health care for women and children and increase overall health of the community.

Besides the planned hospital project, Kids Paradise also implements small health projects. We distribute hygiene kits and collaborate to provide health awareness enrichment activities for children.

Some examples of some of our recent operations and collaborations include:

Breast Cancer Early Detection Clinic

The ongoing war in Syria caused an acute degradation in the healthcare sector, according to the World Health Organization for 2016, each one of every two deaths recorded in Syrian hospitals is from cancer. Breast cancer, is the third most common disease in Syria and breast cancer in women comes first as the most common type of cancer for women and the highest killer of women in numbers. It is the fifth most common cause of death for all of Syria. Breast cancer is considered a treatable and curable disease if detected and treated in its early stages.

In May 2017, Kids Paradise launched an early detection clinic for breast cancer in rural Idleb with the aspiration to expand to more areas. Prior to opening, our team did an awareness raising campaign to educate women and young girls on the crucial importance of early detection of cancer and on how to conduct self-checks. Our team visited 27 hospitals, health centers, women clinics and educational institutes.