Kids Paradise aims to provide an urgent response to the ever-growing number of IDPs. We work to ensure an effective and timely emergency response, particularly in hard to reach areas. Urgent response is one of Kids Paradise’s biggest areas of expertise, especially given the recent evacuation of Aleppo.

Kids Paradise’s on-the-ground teams have provided emergency responses to the displaced people from eastern Aleppo since the beginning of the evacuation. We distributed, in collaboration with several partners, over 2,000 Ready To Eat Rations (RTER). Kids Paradise was there at the “Zero Point” of evacuation where IDPs first cross from regime areas to rebel-based areas. Most of these people had not had access to food for many days and we provided support to 5000 of them during the first days of the evacuation with drinkable water, juice, and snacks as they made their way to safety.

In the following months we have worked tirelessly to provide support to the IDPs who have fled Aleppo. This has led to collaborations with several international and local NGOs.

Some examples of some of our recent operations and collaborations include:

Ai.Bi. and Hadaya Partnerships

Kids Paradise collaborated with Italian NGO, Ai.Bi. to distribute 2,013 RTER -Ready To Eat Rations- (which provides one person with five days worth of food), to IDPs in the Idlib countryside. We additionally ran similar projects with Hadaya hitting hard to reach areas throughout the Idlib countryside.

Monadi Alkhair Partnership

Kids Paradise made a partnership with Monadi Alkhair, a local organization with whom, over a 15 day period, we distributed 800 food baskets (which provides a family of six enough food for one month) we distributed 800 blankets, provided baby milk for 300 children, and heating materials for 800 families throughout the Idlib countryside.

International Donors

Kids Paradise, in collaboration with other international various donors worked to distribute early response snacks, and an additional 2,131 RTERs in a short period of time.