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Sham expressed her dream of becoming a doctor

With strength and an inspiring personality, Sham expressed her dream of becoming a doctor and specializing in treating young children. We provided her with various activities for self-expression, such as drawing, playing, and more. Additionally, we created a space for dialogue with her, where she expressed her deep love for children and her determination to pursue her educational journey to fulfill her dream.

Sham lives with her mother and grandmother, as she is an orphaned child. She expresses her positive emotions filled with love and gratitude towards her caring family. She also tells us about her special friend with whom she shares the pain, the sense of loss, and the hope for a future that will heal their tired memories.

Just as we have shared Sham’s story with you, we will continue to tell the stories of her friends, in an ongoing and earnest effort to reach as many children as possible, document their stories, and share their dreams with the world, providing assistance in all possible “Kids Paradise” contexts.

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