Support Refugees Experiencing their
First Winter After the Earthquake.

Provide families in camps in Northern Syria and Southern Turkiye
with essentials to keep them safe in the face of a brutal winter.

Visit our campaign page for gaza

Let's Get Started Doing Good!

Let’s Get Started Doing Good!
We’ll get in touch with our team in Crisis Line for you.


  • Turkey
  • Syria

The application is a 3 step process. Please see below:
1. Online Application
After you submit your basic details using the application form, the Volunteer Manager will send you an email with the next steps.
2. Interviews
If your application is shortlisted you will be required to undergo 2 rounds of interviews before you can be selected into the program. The Volunteer Manager will set up the interviews at a time convenient for you. These interviews will be conducted via Zoom/GMeet or phone at a mutually convenient time.
3. Final steps
If you have been successful at the interview stage the Volunteer Manager will send you an email acceptance with further instructions about the induction and the project

Volunteering with KP means that you will join a network of inspiring thought leaders in the non-profit space. By contributing your skills and expertise, you will strengthen and endorse the amazing work that KP’s portfolio organisations are doing.
KPv volunteers have met with incredible success in the development sector, often going on to work with innovative organisations from our network or founding their own social enterprises.
You should apply if:

  • You are interested in a career in the development sector
  • You want to learn how things work at the grass-root level
  • You want to explore a world outside your own
  • You want to meet inspiring people from across the world
  • You want to test your abilities and discover what you are really capable of

All KPv volunteers receive intensive support from staff. Listed below are the various types of support that you will receive throughout the program.

  1. Professional Support
    This includes work support in the form of inductions, regular feedback & professional guidance, weekly meetings with your supervisor and Atma team, mid-term appraisals, professional volunteer meetings, and Exit interviews
  2. Miscellaneous Support
    As a KP volunteer, you will have access to workshops and trainings facilitated by Atma, volunteer social activities, the volunteer community and a network of non-profits and social enterprises across turkey.

Within a program Share the skill
At KP we use online workplaces like Slack, GSuite and Zoom to create a cohesive virtual working environment. The same applies to the partners we work with and the projects we take on.

Applications are open all year round. Ideally, a candidate would apply to be a volunteer about 4-5 months before they would like to start their placement.

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