Support Refugees Experiencing their
First Winter After the Earthquake.

Provide families in camps in Northern Syria and Southern Turkiye
with essentials to keep them safe in the face of a brutal winter.

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How to Volunteer with Kids Paradise

Be part of KP’s work defending the rights of children and young people.

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For over 10 years, Kids Paradise has been doing whatever it takes for children in need.

There are many ways you can volunteer to support our mission.

From one-time opportunities to ongoing partnerships,

your involvement on behalf of children can start a ripple of change –

changing the lives of children and the future we all share.

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Changing Stories

We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these children. By providing them with moments of joy and creativity, we aim to restore a sense of normalcy and remind them of their own strength. Together, we can create a world where every child has the opportunity to play and dream, regardless of their circumstances.

Happiness maker​

Majd Hamo – volunteer

Do what makes you happy!

WIND-UP PENGUIN THEATER. In response to an earthquake in Türkiye Entertainment activities for kids

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