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Donor Relations Manager




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About Kids Paradise

Time Commitment6 Months
Reporting To
Grants Manager

Executive Summary of the Donor Relations Manager position:

The Donor Relations Manager plays a pivotal role in KP’s global initiatives, focusing on maintaining and expanding donor relationships, ensuring financial targets are met, and strategically positioning the organization for growth. Responsibilities include managing end-to-end relationships with diverse donors, strategizing fundraising efforts, and fostering innovative partnerships.

The Donor Relations Manager is integral to KP’s success, contributing to its global impact through strategic donor engagement and effective partnerships.

Job Roles and ResponsibilitiesKey Responsibilities
• Maintaining a donor strategy and engagement plan that outlines opportunities for strengthening relationships with existing donors and growing relationships with prospective donors.
• Supporting the management of donor visits and responding to donor requests for information on an ad hoc basis.
• Maintaining and managing Kids Paradise financial target with relevant stakeholders and account managers and ensure quarterly review of planning, donors visits, closure plans and representation of the team in different events.
• Exploring opportunities for new donors and partners, in particular focusing on KP intervention sectors to maximise the impact of Kids Paradise programmes.
• Primary responsibility of managing end to end relationship with donors including institutional-Governmental donors, INGOs, UN and Privet Foundations funding.
• Responsible for renewals to meet organizational targets, strategize fundraising, implement and build team and organizational capabilities.
• Ensure regular communications and adherence to reporting timelines with existing donors and partners.
• Proactively network and collaborate with a range of stakeholders with a key focus on institutional donors, partner INGOs and the UN to synergize broader development efforts, build relevant partnerships and enhance opportunities.
• Finding ways and innovative partnerships for the development of financial resources with institutions and individuals whose goals run parallel with the organization’s goals.

• High understanding and experience of implementing the main partnership principles with relevant partners.
• Proven track record of achieving targets and noticeable achievements on securing of funding and income to the organization.
• Proven experience in working with institutional donors like USAID, State Department, FCDO, BMS, GFFO, ECHO, EU, SIDA .. ext.
• Proven understanding of donors (Governmental, INGOs and UN) roles and regulations and essential requirement of partnership.
• Experience in dealing with different types of donors partnership selection process, due diligence (DD) , Organizational Capacity Assessments (OCA) and Organizational Capacity Development (OCD).
• High understanding of Humanitarian Principles and context of Syria crisis mainly and other global crisis and interventions.
• Fair knowledge about Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC), Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO).
• Proof of experience on main Humanitarian Coordination Mechanisms In host country and cross boarder intervention.
• Understanding of UN Clusters Coordination Mechanisms and Approach.
• Demonstrated ability to cultivate relationships, collaborate with individuals in a culturally diverse setting and build consensus.
Soft Skills:
• Exceptional experience in communication, presentation, and planning skills.
• Professional in project management, organizational and time management skills.
• Self-motivated with the ability to work independently as well as effectively as part of a team, instilling confidence and trust among fellow staff and external constituents.
• Strong writing skills, including the ability to proofread and edit content.
• High ethical standards, discretion, and confidentiality in working with donors, beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders’ information.
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite,
• Ability to work well within a diverse team and across departments.

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