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When we can help more people with limited resources, when we can reach people more quickly and with precisely what they need, 

Emergency Response

 These actions literally save lives.

Women & Children

Women and children are affected differently by emergencies in ways that threaten their survival and dignity.


Read & Play

With resources limited, improving the way we work saves time and money, meaning more impact and less waste.
By using innovative technologies, KP is able to respond to crises more quickly, effectively, and with greater accountability than ever before. That means we can reach people faster and serve them better.

Emergency Relief

More disasters happen around the world and more people are affected by them than ever before—due to population growth, climate change, urbanisation, and environmental degradation.

In emergencies, we are ready to deploy within 24 hours to bring communities what is needed most—safe drinking water and sanitation, urgent health services, and protective shelters—while strengthening vulnerable communities and enabling them to be more resilient to future threats. These actions literally save lives.