Support Refugees Experiencing their
First Winter After the Earthquake.

Provide families in camps in Northern Syria and Southern Turkiye
with essentials to keep them safe in the face of a brutal winter.

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Let the transformation begin

How did we
get here?


Growing up in poverty, children face tough challenges: hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, social discrimination and isolation.

We give children in poverty the tools they need to create brighter futures for themselves and their communities. With the support of our donors and sponsors, children and youth gain the skills and confidence they need to create promising futures free from poverty.


Into Employment support means every young person who wants to has the opportunity to attend college, earn technical training certificates, upskill their talents or become entrepreneurs.

Local staff and volunteers work to support our children and youth,  in our community centers. 

We begin building confident youth, one at a time, by providing the basic necessities for them, their families and their communities.


Into Journey prepares young people to fill the needs of local job markets. Its scholarships provide access to college, technical training, job readiness and life skills. Here, participants transform aspirations into results.

This year we aim to expand the program and provide more opportunities for those who seek them.

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Into JOURNEY extends the ripple started through our foundational programs by helping young people find sustainable, long-term and successful careers. And it’s working. Our youth graduate with the financial ability to support their families and change their communities.


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When you invest in Into Journey, you are providing opportunities that would not exist without your support. You’re showing young people you believe in them and that their future matters. You’re vowing that they will be defined by their goals and dreams, not their current economic condition. Today’s young people have what it takes — they only need you.

Your support will impact thousands of lives

Transform a generation

Your investment helps provide access to more young people ready to break the cycle of poverty through workforce development.

Find a variety of ways you can partner with us to help provide key training and assistance for our youth. Your help paves the way for more futures filled with opportunities children and youth never thought possible. From funding Into Employment to contributing to technical training and curricula or hiring our in-demand youth graduates, we are eager to explore how we can make a greater impact together.

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