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Provide families in camps in Northern Syria and Southern Turkiye
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a variety of teachers approved activities and resources,
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KP Changemaker Schools

Over the last 3 years, KP has identified and brought together 70 of the idlib syria most innovative schools and recognised them as Changemaker Schools.

This network of educators and schools align around a shared vision: to empower children and young people to be socially minded leaders, with the connection to purpose that enables them to effectively solve problems and drive positive change. The leadership of these schools is committed to an aligned vision of every child growing as a changemaker and has taken steps in pursuit of it on a curricular, cultural and systemic level.

What is a Changemaker School?

KP’s Changemaker Schools aspire to create a world where all children are empathetic leaders, capable of working in teams to solve problems for the good of all.
KP selected and supported schools that were ready and able to help lead the transformation in education. We work with these schools as thought partners to articulate this shared vision for education, amplify their best practices, and grow their impact by facilitating collaboration with KP community of leading social entrepreneurs, business leaders, and other innovators in universities, media, and many other sectors. Together, we can re-imagine, co-create and lead a transformation in education such that every child becomes a changemaker.

The Role of Change Leaders:

Changemaker Schools have an individual Change Leader within the school, who has the vision and characteristics to effectively guide institutional change, and leads a cross-stakeholder change team, which may include teachers, parents, students, staff and/or community members. This team is committed to working with the Change Leader to highlight and advance the school’s efforts to ensure students develop the skill of empathy. 

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