Support Refugees Experiencing their
First Winter After the Earthquake.

Provide families in camps in Northern Syria and Southern Turkiye
with essentials to keep them safe in the face of a brutal winter.

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Evacuation earthquake

The regions of Turkey and Syria was struck by a major magnitude 7.7 earthquake on 6 February 2023 causing maximum devastation to life and infrastructure, the largest seen in the region for 100 years.
An immediate action has been done by Kids paradise in Turkey and Syria to response for the deadly earthquake.
Despite all the tragedies and injuries that befell our team in Turkey and Syria, it is our duty not to stop providing urgent humanitarian assistants in this great ordeal that has afflicted millions of people in both countries.
Since the first days of the earthquake until now, our heroic teams in Syria and Turkey are working around the hour in several responses together until today through:

  • Distribution 5000 Syrian fresh bread bundles.
  • Distribution of 1,500 ready-to-eat rations, sufficient for the family for a whole week.
  • Distribution of 3,750 ready-to-eat rations, enough for one person for one day.
  • 427 people were evacuated from the earthquake zones to safe areas.
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