Support Refugees Experiencing their
First Winter After the Earthquake.

Provide families in camps in Northern Syria and Southern Turkiye
with essentials to keep them safe in the face of a brutal winter.

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More than 3.3 million people have been displaced

Türkiye and north west of Syria were hit by a series of debilitating earthquakes in February 2023. Even for an earthquake prone region, the disaster was unprecedented in its scope and the magnitude of the destruction it caused. Fatalities to date number
More than 3.3 million people have been displaced, a. apartment towers and village houses lie in ruins across a vast territory of 110,000 square km.
As emergency response measures continue since the early days of the earthquake with great and important partnership between KP and RPI Refugee Protection International for an immediate response to affected families by the earthquake in both north west Syria and Türkiye, we finished the distribution of Syrian fresh bread bundles, Ready to Eat Rations, winter blankets and tents for 7508 beneficiaries in total.


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