Support Refugees Experiencing their
First Winter After the Earthquake.

Provide families in camps in Northern Syria and Southern Turkiye
with essentials to keep them safe in the face of a brutal winter.

Visit our campaign page for gaza

Month of kindness

During the month of kindness and mercy, #KP aims to support 4500 families affected by the earthquake in #NWSyria and #Tü we can alleviate people’s suffering together, and help them overcome the trauma sustained due to the earthquake.However, we can’t offer our life-alerting services without your help,

NW Syria – Jandairis Camp

Emergency response to the affected people by the earthquake in NW Syria – Jandairis Camp Thanks to the great efforts of the Kids Paradise team who established an IDPs camp in 3 days for 275 people affected by the #earthquake in Jandairis- Afrin in the north west #Syria. The need is bigger than any of […]

More than 3.3 million people have been displaced

Türkiye and north west of Syria were hit by a series of debilitating earthquakes in February 2023. Even for an earthquake prone region, the disaster was unprecedented in its scope and the magnitude of the destruction it caused. Fatalities to date number48,448.More than 3.3 million people have been displaced, a. apartment towers and village houses […]

Empowerment of Civil Society in Idlib Governorate -Sawyan

Within the “Empowerment of Civil Society in Idlib Governorate -Sawyan” project, Kids Paradise has resumed holding monthly meetings of civil committees in the 15 locations within Idlib governorate with representatives of the teams and organizations in the project and network of Sawyan, community leaders, influencers, and representatives of official authorities. Civil committee meetings during March […]

Jandairis Camp Emergency response

Emergency response to people affected by the earthquake in northwest Syria – Jandairis Camp” Thanks to the efforts of our great team worked around the clock to complete in short time a new IDPs camp for the affected people by the earthquake disaster.We provided shelter, non-food kits, care kits, hot meals and drinking water to […]

Sahar six-year-old

Sahar is a smart and beautiful girl with a six-year-old . She lives in the city of IdlibWhen the earthquake occurred, she ran out of the house, and her family lost her for several hours. When her father found her, she told him that had left the house immediately after the earthquake occurred out of […]

Evacuation earthquake

The regions of Turkey and Syria was struck by a major magnitude 7.7 earthquake on 6 February 2023 causing maximum devastation to life and infrastructure, the largest seen in the region for 100 years.An immediate action has been done by Kids paradise in Turkey and Syria to response for the deadly earthquake.Despite all the tragedies […]

Kids Paradise Organization office in Hatay

The deadly earthquake in 10 different regions in Turkey, killed thousands, injured thousands, and completely collapsed buildings. The KP office in Antakya was one of those buildings that completely collapsed and burned with all its contents. earthquake #syria #turkey

A statement of condemnation and denunciation

Sawyan Network – شبكة سوياً The Syrian teams and organizations that are members in Sawyan Network, signatories to this statement, express their strong condemnation of the escalation of hostilities in northwestern Syria since Thursday, October 5, 2023, and call on the UN Security Council to intervene immediately to reduce the escalation and protect civilians. The […]

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